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Workation in the USA

Why not combine the pleasant with the useful?

Inspired by WorkationScout and under the motto "KYC" (Know your Client), we traveled to the USA last week. Among other things, we visited our client Ponto , who had invited us to his San Francisco office.

And if you think we've only looked at a few cubicles, you're wrong...

As soon as we came in, we could immediately feel the great atmosphere. A top-notch office, with probably the most comfortable couch in all of San Francisco, combined with an inviting open kitchen. In the fridge, of course, there were lots of different healthy meals and snacks. All employees were very relaxed and worked at at least 160x80 tables. A successful combination of a professional working atmosphere, coupled with pleasant ease.

Definitely the right approach if you want employees to come back to the office in the future.

Conclusion: The era of cubicles from films and series as we know them is certainly coming to an end. :-)


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