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Founding: My Office - Mein Büro

It's starting!

Some of you already know, but not all of you. I became self-employed.

So now I'm a founder. :-) The first few months flew by. I learned a lot of new things during that time. But the old rule still applies: everything always takes longer than planned. The only exception that I didn't expect was the city of Berlin . I registered my business within 24 hours and it was immediately confirmed digitally. Wow!

Another good experience: How nice it is when you not only advise customers about coworking spaces, but also sit there yourself. Dear DesignOffices team, great spaces, super service.

I am already looking forward to a good collaboration with old and new business partners to provide advice on the subject of coworking office space concepts and managed offices.


Do you find  the article interesting and have further questions?

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