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Flexible workspace meets hospitality or relaxed through the next business year...

Did you know...? that a large proportion of employees in the flex sector come from the #hospitality industry? At our last get-together, Louis Prenz from the Hotel Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof was our guest and gave us an insight into how to turn customers into satisfied customers and, ideally, repeat customers in the 5*+ sector. Not only the external service, but also the company's own #employee satisfaction makes the small but subtle difference here.

So why not make your #employees happy with a little more "internal service". With a #workplace in an environment where they can concentrate on their core business, are looked after daily by professional community teams and at the end maybe even feel like they're on vacation :-)? - More information on this in the following article:

In today's business world, flexibility and adaptability are at the forefront, and this is reflected not only in the work structures but also in the work spaces. Flexible workspaces and hospitality share a remarkable similarity: both create an environment in which users feel comfortable, can relax and concentrate on their work.

The concept of "Peace of Mind": Flexible workspaces offer companies the opportunity to concentrate on their core tasks without having to worry about the logistics and administration of #office space. The hospitality industry allows travelers to concentrate on their experience without having to worry about the details of accommodation and services. The fusion of both areas offers customers a carefree environment in which they can focus on their actual concerns. Regardless of whether they are in the company's "#headquarters" or, for example, in another city. So-called "#day offices" or "#all-access passes" make it possible to work to the same standards across Germany, Europe or worldwide.

A key aspect that connects both concepts is the pursuit of a feel-good ambience. Both #flexible workspaces and the #hospitality industries know the importance of a pleasant environment to promote productivity and the general well-being of users. Furnishing work areas with comfortable furniture, appealing aesthetics and natural elements creates an atmosphere that radiates warmth and contentment.

In summary, the connection between flexible workspace and hospitality exists through the shared core principles of well-being, peace of mind and relieving the customer of administrative tasks. This synergy creates workspaces and environments that are not only functional, but also inspiring and calming - a harmonious fusion of work and well-being.


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